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looseness n : movement or space for movement; "there was too much play in the steering wheel" [syn: play] [ant: tightness]

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  1. The property of being loose.
    See if that nut has too much looseness and tighten it if it does.

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Loose may refer to: *Loose (album), a 2006 album by Nelly Furtado
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Bohemianism, affability, allowance, amorphousness, approximation, bagginess, blobbiness, blowziness, blurriness, broadness, carelessness, casualness, chambering, chintziness, common touch, cordiality, culpa, culpable negligence, default, dereliction, deviation, disorder, disregard, dowdiness, ease, easiness, easy virtue, easygoingness, failure, familiarity, flabbiness, flaccidity, flaccidness, floppiness, fogginess, folksiness, frowziness, frumpishness, fuzziness, generality, graciousness, grubbiness, haziness, homeliness, homeyness, ill-definedness, impotence, imprecision, inaccuracy, inaccurateness, inadvertence, inadvertency, inattention, inchoateness, incoherence, incorrectness, indecisiveness, indefinableness, indefiniteness, indeterminateness, indifference, indistinctness, inexactitude, inexactness, informality, informalness, irregularity, laches, laissez-faire, lapse, laxation, laxity, laxness, leniency, lightness, limpness, loose morals, loosening, messiness, mistiness, naturalness, neglect, neglectfulness, negligence, nonfeasance, noninterference, nonperformance, nonrestriction, obscuration, obscurity, offhandedness, omission, overindulgence, overlooking, overpermissiveness, oversight, permissiveness, plainness, poor stewardship, predictable error, probable error, procrastination, promiscuity, relaxation, relaxedness, remissness, ricketiness, rubberiness, seediness, shabbiness, shakiness, shapelessness, shoddiness, simplicity, slackness, slatternliness, sleeping around, slight, slipshodness, sloppiness, slovenliness, slovenry, sluttishness, sociability, softness, sordidness, squalidness, squalor, standard deviation, sweepingness, swinging, tackiness, tawdriness, tolerance, unaffectedness, unceremoniousness, unclearness, unconstrainedness, unconstraint, unconventionality, uncorrectness, unfactualness, unneatness, unpreciseness, unpretentiousness, unrestraint, unrigorousness, untidiness, vagueness, wantonness, waywardness, weakness, whorishness
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